Mounting / fitting-time

The fitting time of the hydraulic levelling system is on average 16 hours. The exact time is dependent on the type of motorhome. For fitting we recommend an authorised E&P Hydraulics dealer (see dealer locations). It is also possible to carry out the assembly by E&P Hydraulics (incl. advice and explanations on delivery). Please contact us for more information.



The motorhome levelsystem consists of

- Hydraulic jacks incl. stainless steel footplate (4 pcs.)
- Hydraulic pump (12 or 24 Volt)
- Operating system
- Control panel
- Remote control (optional)
- Fuse and fuseholder
- Electrical wiring kit
- User manual


Extra Note:
The levelsystems for the motorhome are supplied WITHOUT: Oil, Power (battery) cable, Hydraulic hoses and

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