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Below is an overview concerning remarks and recommendations (tips) for the hydraulic Levelsystem:

- After 4 minutes of no operation, the system will switch off automatically.

- The automatic levelling cycle can only be started after all jacks have been retracted. If the jacks are not retracted when the automatic cycle starts, the   system will do this automatically. So it is not possible to make short adjustments to the jacks; the system will always first completely retract its jacks.

- At low battery voltage, the system will automatically switch off.

- If jacks are extended and you accidentally drive off: the system will immediately give an alarm and the jacks are automatically retracted as soon as the   hand brake is disengaged. In case of vehicles with a pneumatic brake installation, this takes place when the engine is started.

- All normal functions of the system are switched off in error mode.

- The jacks always operate 2 at a time at 1 side. The left side, right side, front side and rear side. Only when retracting do they operate all 4 at the same    time.

- Some vehicles have swivel chairs that do not function when the hand brake is engaged. As soon as the levelling system is finished and the ignition switch is off, you are able to disengage the handbrake. Before doing that, you must of course check if the vehicle is in gear.

- During winter conditions (e.g. in snow and ice) put something (e.g. a piece of carpet) under the jacks to avoid sliding.

- During bad weather conditions (heavy frost) before levelling and whilst the ignition is switched off you can release the parking brake. TAKE CARE you put the vehicle in gear before releasing the parking brake.

- Manual operation is mainly recommended for uneven surfaces.

- In manual operation, all four jacks should always be extended before levelling starts.

- The system cannot handle all angles, the limit values differ per vehicle.


If the system meets a slope with an angle that is too big the system will let you know that automatic levelling cannot be achieved. At this point we recommend bringing the vehicle as close as possible to the zero point in manual mode.

You will notice that the system also has a semi-automatic function. During manual operation, 1 or 2 arrows can light near the green LED. This is the system indicating to you where the lowest points are at that moment.

First extend the rear jacks via the manual operation (vehicle is moving). Wait a moment, then press the arrow for the front jacks. It will stop automatically when the zero point is reached.

If the angle of the slope is too high, another option is to drive the vehicle on to wedges and then extend the jacks from this position. (please take stability into account).


In case of an error message, check whether the hand brake is engaged, whether the ignition is switched on, whether the battery has sufficient voltage, whether the oil level is correct, whether there is any damage to the jacks, and check all the cables.

If this does not lead to a solution for the fault, the fault could be located in the drive units. As the drive unit does not have any repairable parts, you should contact your E&P Hydraulics dealer/installer.

The error mode

If the ignition switch is not switched on or the hand brake is not engaged, the Levelsystem cannot be switched on, unless the jacks have been lowered and the hand brake is being disengaged, in which case the ‘’PARKBRAKE” indicator LED will flash and the “BUZZER” will beep. You are now able to switch on the hydraulic Levelsystem with the button “ON / OFF”.

If, when retracting the jacks, the pump is running on overpressure for a few seconds, the retracting action should stop (in both manual and automatic mode). If necessary switch off the hydraulic level- system by pressing the “ON / OFF” button.

A timer will run, which will count up when the pump is running and count down when the pump is not running. If this timer reaches a value that is too high, the pump will stop running in order to prevent overheating.

Under normal circumstances, all LED’s are off and the unit will only respond by pressing the “ON / OFF” button switching the system on.

The hydraulic Levelsystem does not work

Possible causes Solution(s)

The vehicle ignition is not on Switch on the ignition

The parking brake is not engaged Engage the parking brake

The control panel switched itself off Press ON / OFF button
(4 minute rule)

The indicator LED “BATTERY” lights up

Possible causes Solution(s)

The battery is almost empty Start the vehicle to charge the battery

Indicator LED message “RETRACT ALL JACKS” will not go out

This while the supports are withdrawn and possibly in combination with the failure of the
automatic levelling (flashing alarm)

Possible causes Solution(s)

The oil level is too low Check the oil level and fill if necessary

The button for retracting the jacks Check wiring connections or replace

The jacks will not (fully) go out, while the pump is in operation

Possible causes Solution(s)

Too little or no oil in the tank Control the oil level and fill if necessary

Valve or pump does not work Clean, repair or change

Between the operation system and the valve Check cables for voltage loss. Repair if necessary

there is no electrical contact

For all other reports and/or mal-functioning of the system, please contact your dealer/ installer

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