The levelC caravan levelling system

The E&P levelC caravan levelling system levels your caravan within max. 120 seconds at the push of a button. Highlight of the system – 6 supports are installed on the chassis to ensure unparalleled stability of your caravan.

Levelling in two steps – levelC, the complete system

Our engineers had to completely rethink the system in order to level your caravan fully automatically and without loading the body. An important aspect in the development of E&P levelC was to split the levelling into two steps. La caravane est tout d’abord mise à niveau dans le sens de la largeur avec différents mouvements. In the next step, the caravan is exactly levelled in the longitudinal axis by the four hydraulic Big Foot supports at the corners which replace the conventional crank supports. The caravan is then level and steady within two minutes – fully automatically. The six hydraulic supports are connected to the vehicle chassis and the axle by mounting plates. The levelling in two steps and the movement of the supports in pairs prevents damaging torsional forces being transmitted from the vehicle chassis to the body. That offers not only maximum convenience, but also maximum safety for chassis and body.

Benefits of levelC at a glance

Caravan owners always have to pay attention to the limited additional weight of accessories. Through the selective use of lightweight materials, the design engineers of the E&P levelC were able to limit the additional weight of the complete hydraulic system to just 20 kg compared with the standard crank supports. Control is also child’s play. E&P levelC positions the caravan horizontally – independently and fully automatically – at the push of just one button. The permanently installed control panel is always included in the scope of supply. And anyone who wants even more convenience can choose between a radio remote control, a mobile touchpad or control using a smartphone app via WiFi module.

  • Level in 2 minutes
  • Steady and secure positioning
  • Immediately ready for use
  • For single-axle and tandem-axle caravans up to 3.5 tonnes gross weight
  • Prevents deterioration to the tyres by lifting the wheels off the ground during winter storage
  • Maintenance-free
  • Fully hydraulic
  • Includes AL-KO Big Foot support legs
  • Extremely light
  • Anti-theft protection included

levelC Compact

In dialogue with caravan owners, the wish has been frequently expressed for a semi-manual system with which the manual crank supports remain on the caravan. That led to the development of the E&P levelC Compact system. Anyone who wants to do the levelling work manually will find an inexpensive alternative with this system. Two hydraulic supports are installed on the axle of the caravan which automatically level the caravan in the transverse axis, controlled from the control panel. The caravan then just has to be levelled in the longitudinal axis with the jockey wheel and the crank supports lowered for stabilisation. The caravan is then steady and level – simple!

Installation, scope of supply & questions on the levelC levelling system

Do you have any further questions? Do you want to find out more in the form of a brochure, or do you want further advice directly? Then check us out, or drop by one of our authorised E&P installation partners near you. You can also have levelC installed there directly.

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Horizontally in 2 minutes
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