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Is the system suitable for any type of caravan?

This Levelsystem fits on nearly all common caravan types.

What systems do you deliver?

We supply two types of Levelsystems for the caravan:

  • The 6 support Hydraulic Levelsystem (2 axle jacks and 4 corner supports)
  • The 2 support Hydraulic Levelsystem (2 axle jacks)

Can I install a system to the caravan myself or should it only be done by a dealer?

The system can only be mounted at a certified E&P Hydraulics dealer.

How much weight is added?

The weight will increase by approximately 20 kg. The four existing corner supports are replaced by 4 hydraulic AL-KO big-foot corner steadies. The hydraulic cylinders and the pump unit weigh approximately 20 kg.

Is it possible to upgrade my Compact Levelsystem (2 hydraulic axle jacks) to a fully automated six jacks system (2 hydraulics axle jacks and 4 hydraulic corner supports)?

Yes, in principal this is possible. Please be aware of additional costs. Rework or upgrades are only possible via an E&P Hydraulics certified dealer...

Can the Levelsystem also be mounted when there is already a “MOVER” on the caravan?

Yes, this is no problem.

Is my system "transferable" to my new caravan?

Yes, this is possible. The system is removable and can be adapted to your new caravan. Various costs are incurred so please speak to your preferred dealer for more information.

How long is the warranty on the system?

The warranty is 2 years (AFTER assembly).

How will the Levelsystem be powered?

The caravan must be equipped with a battery that provides at least 30 Amps.

Does the Levelsystem take up a lot of space?

No, all the components are attached to the chassis of the caravan.

Are there any additional costs?

No, once installed, the E&P Hydraulics Levelsystem is instantly ready for use.

The hydraulic Levelsystem does not work

Possible causes Solution(s)

The vehicle ignition is not on Switch on the ignition


The parking brake is not engaged Engage the parking brake


The control panel switched itself off Press ON / OFF button
(4 minute rule)

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