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• For caravans/special trailers with max. total weight of 3.5t

• 20 kg excess weight for the whole system (after dismantling the existing corner cranksupports)

• Large, mobile pivoting foot-plate for axle supports

• Large, mobile pivoting foot-plate for corner crank-supports (AL-KO Big Foot)

• 240 Watt hydraulic aggregate

• 12 Volt operating voltage




The Complete 6-jack Caravan level system consists of:

Hydraulic axle supports (2 pcs.)
Hydraulic AL-KO “Big Foot” crank-supports (4 pcs.)
Mounting bracket set for the axle supports
Hydraulic pump
Operating system (software)
Control panel (display)
Remote control (optional)
Electric cable set (already mounted to the hydraulic pump)
Hydraulic hoses
User manual
Divers Mounting parts

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Protection against theft
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