Caravan levelling at the tap of a finger
Modern tablet control for the new levelC caravan levelling system by E&P Hydraulics

Kötz, July 2018


No more cumbersome propping up and wedging: levelC, E&P Hydraulics’ new hydraulic levelling system for caravans, makes levelling caravans simpler and more comfortable – with a touch screen. Its ability to update with both user interface and features, the modern operating concept, which will be presented at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2018, is ready for the future. The small touchpad has a fixed charging station in the caravan and is therefore always ready for use. When the tablet is removed from this unit, it functions as a handy wireless remote control. The system is controlled easily and conveniently by touching the screen.


How does the E&P levelC hydraulic levelling system work? Two hydraulic main struts are mounted on the caravan axle to raise and align it horizontally. In addition, the corner struts are replaced with four new hydraulic “Big Foot” corner supports. This prevents transfer forces acting on the vehicle floor during levelling. In addition, the caravan is extremely stable thanks to the six-strut concept.


The levelC caravan level system at a glance:

·         For caravans or special trailers with a maximum weight of 3.5 t

·         20 kg additional weight (after dismantling the corner crank supports)

·         240-watt hydraulic unit

·         12V operating voltage

·         Alignment of the caravan in a maximum of 120 seconds

·         Fully automatic levelling at the touch of a button

·         Semi-automatic operation of two struts at a time possible

·         Optional: Emergency operation in case of power failure

·         Long-term protection against corrosion, stone chips, moisture and dirt

·         Stainless steel foot plate as standard

·         Horizontal and stable in a maximum of 2 minutes

·         Easy to operate via touch screen

·         Compact, lightweight, low-maintenance

·         No waste water accumulation due to horizontal position (allows proper drainage)


The principle underlying the hydraulic E&P levelling system is very simple. Struts are hydraulically extended from a piston at the touch of a button and align the caravan horizontally within a maximum of 120 seconds. But behind this simple principle are a lot of experience and a complex technology.


New touch panel


The hydraulic steady leg system includes steady legs, pump block, oil reservoir, hydraulic lines and an electronic control system. By pressing the button on the remote control, the pump from the reservoir starts to deliver oil into the cylinders of the steady legs. The axle supports of the E&P system are extended individually until they come into contact with the ground and back pressure is built up in the system. The corner supports are then extended in pairs. Using the built-in electronic spirit level in the control unit, the system continues to extend the supports until the caravan is exactly level.


Each E&P levelling system is precisely tuned to the axle of the vehicle to which it is mounted. The electronics regulate the hoisting of the supports via the pressure in the respective cylinder. As a result, the system
does entirely without susceptible electrical sensors on the supports. All levelling systems are attached to supporting points of the chassis without any welding, using adapters specially designed for the respective vehicle and body type.


The levelC caravan levelling system is commercially available from €3,290 (including installation).This price includes the control panel. With the appropriate software (last updated 1/7/2017), the touch panel can be retrofitted to existing systems. The emergency operation option costs an additional €300.



AL-KO Vehicle Technology and E&P Hydraulics will present details on this system from 25 August to 2 September 2018 at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf (Hall 13 / C45-01 – C45-02 and in the outdoor area).

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